Scientists & Officers

Sr No. Name Of the Employee Designation E-mail Address List Of Publications
1.  Dr. Manu Saxena Head msaxena[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
2. Sh. Ajeet Singh Principal Scientist  ajeet[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
3. Sh. Pradeep Kumar Principal Scientist  pradeep[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
4.  Sh. Vinay Kumar Senior Scientist   vinaykumar[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
5. Sh. Vinodh Kumar Senior Scientist mvinodh[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
6.  Dr. Nadir Sheikh Scientist   nadir[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
7. Sh. Ravinder Kumar Stores & Purchase Officer ravinder[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
8. Sh. Sunil kumar Controller of Finance & Accounts finance[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
9. Sh. Dushyant Kumar Executive Engineer (Civil) dushyant[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
10. Sh. Bijendra Pal Senior Technical Officer bijendra[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
11.   Sh. Munish Kumar Senior Technical Officer munish[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
12.  Smt. Priyanka Gupta SO(G)  priyanka[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
13.  Sh. Mahinder Singh Senior Technical Officer   msingh[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
14.  Dr. Alok Kumar Goel Senior Technical Officer alokgoel[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
15. Sh. Pushpander Kumar Senior Technical Officer pkj[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
16. Sh. Sanjay Singh Technical Officer sanjaysingh[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
17.  Ms. Preeti Chaudhary  Technical Officer preeti[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  
18. Ms. Neeti Sagar   Technical Officer neetisagar[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in  

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