X: Dates to be announced later on.
The actual dates of holding the programmes, inter-se priority, subject/theme will depend upon contextual requirements and new/ additional training programmes could be added during the period.

AS: Sh. Ajeet Singh, Principal Scientist,
e-mail: ajeet[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
VK: Sh. Vinay Kumar, Sr.Scientist
e-mail: vinaykumar[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
MVK: M. Vinodh Kumar, Sr. Scientist
e-mail: mvinodh[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
NS: Dr. Nadir Sheikh, Scientist,
e-mail : nadir[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
AKG: Dr.Alok Kumar Goel, Sr. T.O.
e-mail : alokgoel[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in
BP: Bijendra Pal Singh
e-mail: bijendra[at]csirhrdc[dot]res[dot]in