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Knowledge Resource Centre

Objectives and Goals

The objectives of CSIR - HRDC Knowledge Resource Centre (KRC) are to further the interests of HRDC by means of:

  • Providing knowledge services to enable the faculty, trainers and other users to keep track of significant developments in their fields of interest
  • Searching literature to provide information pin-pointedly, exhaustively and promptly, thereby saving the valuable time
  • Provide inspiration and stimulation to users by means of balanced collections and prompt services
  • Providing training videos, games and books for training programmes

Knowledge Resources

KRC has a rich collection of the following:

  • Books related to HR management, training & development, self-improvement, general reading (English & Hindi) etc.
  • Periodicals
  • Training videos
  • Repository of training presentations
  • Training Toolkits, games and exercises and other related material

Collections as on March 2017

  • Books : 1660
  • Journals (annual subscriptions) : 12 (including 01 hindi periodical)
  • Training Videos : 63
  • Training Toolkits/Games/Exercises : 15
  • Magazines (weekly/ fortnightly/monthly) : 11
  • Newspapers : 07 national dailies and 01 weekly newspaper

These resources have immense value to all categories of users in keeping abreast of the current and emerging knowledge in their respective spheres.

For managing its resources, KRC is using KOHA - a fully web-based open source integrated library system (ILS). All the book records have been provided bar-codes. These can be accessed through Web-OPAC.

Institutional Repository

CSIR-HRDC has developed its ‘Institutional Repository (IR)’ which is a customized database software. The IR contents comprises of training programme details such as programme module, list of participants, photographs etc. One can access IR contents on HRDC Intranet portal.


The KRC remains open on all working days (Monday to Friday) from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.

Services Offered

HRDC-KRC holds print and electronic information resources comprising of books, journals, magazines, bulletins and newspapers, which makes it a worthy centre for attainment of information.

Presently, KRC is providing the following services to its users:

  • Online access to e-journals through NKRC
  • Management of Institutional Repository
  • Providing relevant reading material / books to trainees during the training programmes
  • Training videos, games and exercises